Autumn in Rome in ten photos

It 's Autumn in Rome! The colors are warmer and wrap around the Eternal City in a particular light, making it even more beautiful.

Trees are stripped of their leaves of gold, brown and red that make the usual landscape as painted by a painter, as the sky lights up with a blue light special days of mild and pungent air.

The city seems to dress in new clothes, elegant charming and romantic that we want with the best pictures that make Rome even more beautiful with her new colors. 

1) Rome, Ponte Sant'Angelo. (Photo by Steve Coleman)


 2) Rome, Villa Borghese. ( Photo by Paolo)

Rome, Villa Borghese

 3) Rome, Villa Ada. ( Photo by Giampaolo Macoring)

Rome, Villa Ada

4) Rome, Saint Peter's Basilica. (Photo by Babbolupo)

Saint Peter's Basilica

5) Rome, Fontana dei Cavalli Marini, Villa Borghese. ( Photo by MariaLuisa Di Costanzo)

 Roma,Fontana dei Cavalli Marini

6) Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo. (Photo By Marco Piunti)

Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo

7) Rome,  Ponte Sisto. (Photo By Marie Therese Magnan)

 Ponte Sisto

8) Rome, Gianicolo. (Photo by Marco Levante)

Rome Gianicolo

9) Rome, Trastevere. (Photo by Jacopo Zangrilli)

Rome Trastevere

10) Rome, Villa Lazzaroni. (Photo By Leonardo Sagnotti)

Rome Villa Lazzaroni

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