The most beautiful stages of Italy Tours

Italy has always been one of the most desired by national and international tourists. Many cities to visit: Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples most famous pearls of a land where history and art have left traces of his predecessors. A vast territory and difficult to discover why were thought capable Italy Tours of synthesizing Italian beauty.

Regions such as Lazio, Campania, Umbria will be told in a unique way, away from the stories written in books, but close to the people who live there and every day that make it so alive of fantasy and full. Art, culture, history and traditions are the protagonists of Italy Tours that make the Bel Paese fascinating.

Firenze Foto di Justin DelaneyFlorence is for Italy the symbol of the Middle Ages and the cradle of Renaissance art and architecture where reign with fantastic examples such as the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio. Rome with its traditional monuments, now known by all, is its narrow streets that tell the history of the Roman Empire, is the emblem of a story that seems to have no end.

Orvieto, in the heart of the nation, hides among its unspoilt religious architecture, a masterpiece of Italian Gothic art which sees its peak in the cathedral of the city.

Or even Naples between Vesuvius and the volcanic area of Campi Flegrei, one of the most influential cities of Ancient Greece and the center of the Epicurean philosophy, home to one of Italy's oldest universities.

These are the most important cities protagonists, but not a true Italy Tours without having breathed the sea air of the Amalfi Coast, without having seen the colors and tasted the products of a culinary culture that has no equal.

A new way to live your Italian holidays this without stopping only in Rome, perfect for telling a different Italian city made up of many, many arts and many facets of a real diamond tourism.

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