Rome Tours: Ara Pacis

The Rome Tours take you to discover the Ara Pacis Augustae an altar dedicated to the Roman goddess of Peace during the Augustan age, to celebrate the victories and located in Campo Marzio.

The Ara Pacis is consists of an enclosure in the shape of square and place on a podium characterized by a staircase with steps 9 and the surface of the enclosure has a decoration in both the external and internal. The depth is given by the thickness of the figures that are represented there.

This Augustan altar is an example of the various arts that classical Greek and Roman times and seems to have been made ​​by the Greek bottegne, given the pilasters and capitals of marble used in Corinthian style.

The Rome Tours allow you to discover the secrets ara pacis discovery in 1568 when under the Palazzo Fiano appeared nine large blocks of marble carved on both sides, after the discovery of porphyry was used to renovate and pretended it was inaugurated in 1938.

On 22 November 2009, the primary side and the secondary were illuminated with a particular technology to give unique colors and it was the first time that this technique was used on a monument.

These are just some of the stories that you can listen to one of our Rome Tours that will make your stay unique.


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