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The Colosseum in Rome Tours is the symbol of the city known as the Flavian Amphitheatre located in the center of the city is the largest amphitheater in the world.

The name Colosseum comes from a huge statue of Nero: "The Colossus" 35 meters high, which was located next to the amphitheater now destroyed and is considered one of the most impressive works of the Roman Empire.

Knowing the Colosseum with Rome Tours is possible it was originally formed by slabs of white marble, its elliptical shape capable of containing seventy thousand spectators and a great view of the performances from any position thanks to the slope of the steps.

The entrance to the Colosseum was free for all Roman citizens, the seats were divided according to social status and there were some areas for women. At the top there was a huge tent Velarium flax used to protect the spectators from the sun.

With the decline of the Roman Empire after the sixth century the Colosseum fell into disuse and Sixtus V threatened demolition for urban planning reasons, but in the Middle Ages was declared a sacred monument to Benedict XIV, who placed a cross dedicating to the passion of Jesus Christ.

Today, the Colosseum in Rome Tours is always one of the main steps to reconstruct a historical and symbolic one, even after many years to relive the daily life of an entire people. An example of the imperial art and architecture characterized by complex construction systems.

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